Published on Mar 8, 2018
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Hello Students, 

Many students are asking about our test series via mail. We think it is not possible to reply to each and every students. Hence we have are publishing a post regarding the same. You can enrol in the test series using the below link 

Click here to enrol in the test series

  • Extensive MCQ discussion of all subjects
  • Don't waste time doing repeats
  • Limited seats, opportunity to be coached by the best
  • Detailed Explanations 
  • High Strike rate in examination 

                                           DMTS JUNE 2018 TIME SHEET

9873835363, 08447982490, 9717143789

Date                                 Subject                                          Topics 
4th February                  Orientation
8th February                  Pediatrics                                    All topics
13th February                ENT + Anaesthesia                    All topics
18th February                Ortho + Radio                            All topics
23rd February                Physio I                                      CVS, CNS, Respiratory, GIT
27th February                Physio-II                                     Cell, Nerve and Muscle physio, Renal, Endo                                                                                                                                        (Male & Female Physio)
4th March                      GRAND TEST 1                          Pedia, ENT, Anaesthia, Ortho, Radio, Physio
8th March                      Surgery I                                     Breast, Thyroid, GIT, Renal
13th March                    Surgery II                                    General Surgery (Burns,Fluids,wound,trauma,                                                                                                              Vascular surgery) and Hepato Biliary system
18th March                    PSM                                            All topics
25th March                    Pharma I                                    Gen Pharma, ANS, Anti CA + CNS
29th March                    Pharma II                                   CVS, Anti-Microbials, GIT, Respi, Autocoids, Hemat,                                                                                           Renal
4rd April                         Patho I                                      General Pathology EXCEPT Hematology
6th April                         Patho II                                      All systemic and Hematology
10th April                       OBG I Obstetrics                        All topics
12th April                       OBG II Gynecology                    All topics

16th April                       Medicine I                                  CVS, Respiratory system, Endo, CTD
20th April                       Medicine II                                 GIT, LIVER, Renal, Hematology
23th  April                      Medicine III + Psych                  CNS, Psychiatry
29th April                       Grand test 2                               Surgery, PSM, Pharma, Patho, OBG, Medicine
3rd May                         Derma + FSM                            All Topics
6th May                         Ophthalmology                          All Topics
10th May                       Microbiology                              All Topics
15th May                       Anatomy 1                                 EMBROYOLOGY, UL, LL, THORAX
18th May                       Anatomy 2                                 Abdomen, Head & Neck, Pelvis, Neuroanatomy
22nd May                      Biochemistry                             ALL TOPICS
29th May                       Grand test 3                              Derma, FSM, Ophthal, Micro, Anatomy, Biochem

Announced                    GRAND TEST 1                         All subjects/CBT  
depending on                GRAND TEST 2                        ALL SUBJECTS/CBT
National board 

• The given schedule is prepared taking into consideration the students preparation strategy.
• The given schedule can be changed, depending on the availability of faculty, the information of which shall be given to you prior to class.
• Attempting test is mandatory for attending Discussion session.  Strict Compliance please ! (This is for your benefit only)
• Failure to attend the test or submit the answer sheet can be taken as your avoidance towards program, for which proper action will be taken. 
• In addition to T& D, students are advised to go through each and every page of “Complete FMGE Solutions” 3rd ed. by Dr. Deepak Marwah and Dr. Siraj Ahmad. 
• Follow these simple guidelines & instructions and success shall be all yours!